About Pac Fire New Zealand


Introducing premium ranges of safety products to the New Zealand market.

For over 35 years Pacific Safety International Ltd (PSI), owned and operated by the Bennett family, has provided world class safety equipment to emergency services around the world.

Within the experienced PSI family of companies is Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd, manufacturers of fire and rescue helmets for over 80 countries around the world, and more recently Pac Fire Australia Pty Ltd, distributors of premium personal protective equipment, clothing, and tools throughout Australasia.

PSI are excited to expand the group with the launch of Pac Fire New Zealand Ltd which will bring a high quality innovative range of certified products from around the world to New Zealand. The range of products is not solely focused on emergency services, but also includes industrial, agricultural, and private sector safety equipment.

Chief Executive Officer of the PSI Group, David Bennett said “we have a 20 year relationship with the NZFS [New Zealand Fire Service] and many other important customers throughout New Zealand. Our arm that expands across the ditch [Pac Fire Australia], has a range of quality products sourced internationally and it makes sense to set up camp here so all New Zealander’s have access to these trusted products”.

Initially operating out of the Pacific Helmets’ Whanganui office which allows it to tap into the existing distribution system, Pac Fire New Zealand products will be managed and supported by a highly trained and dedicated team. Leading this is Rick Hodge, National Sales Manager, who has been living and breathing personal protective equipment for over 20 years at Pacific Helmets. He now joins the Pac Fire New Zealand team for a new challenge and says ‘I am thrilled to be representing such a diverse and high-quality catalogue in New Zealand’. Also joining the public side of the team is part of the family, Rebecca Bennett, who’ll provide Sales Administration and Support to ensure a high level of service is offered to new and existing customers of the PSI group.

Pac Fire New Zealand will exclusively partner with international premium brands. These include Zanray garments, Kappler chemical suits, Clipper Bags, Ready Rack, YDS Footwear, Underwater Kinetics torches, Adaro torches, POK, PIP gloves, OSW Hose, Eflare, and Icebreaker work and station wear. Other products on offer will include Southcombe gloves, Blowhard fans, Quick Fist clamps, Kestrel meters, and Hot Shield masks.

Pac Fire New Zealand’s focus will be on a range of trusted premium products, providing clothing and equipment that truly enhances the safety of personnel. “Both private individuals and corporate boards are beginning to realise that when it comes to personal safety it is no longer a matter of good enough will do...it is now more often the case that only the best will do, and this is how it should be” says CEO David Bennett who admits that peoples penny pinching attitude towards personal safety in the past has always bothered him. “We need to keep challenging and expanding what we see as the safety norm.”